Oracle Broomfield’s “We Give A Chip”

To celebrate the Colorado Avalanche winning this year’s Stanley Cup Championship Series, GM Nick Knauss, Exec Chef Ryan Poulin, and the team collaborated with their client on the idea of a food giveaway that would bring people in and create excitement around the café and the Stanley Cup.

“Chef and I came up with the “we give a chip” giveaway because we had some expiring snacks and wanted to give them away rather than throw them away.  So, working with the client they thought it was a great idea and we ended up giving away all of the chips and snacks that would have ultimately made their way to a landfill.  The event was a huge success and our client wanted us to do one more event so we made homemade hockey themed desserts like chocolate dipped Rice Krispies, cupcakes with pretzel hockey sticks, and brownie pucks.