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Everyday moments—from breaking bread, to sharing work spaces, to interacting with our community—impact our health, our neighborhoods and our planet. Our mission is to improve Quality of Life and our responsibility is to preserve it. Since 1966, our clients have chosen us because we care about the food we cook, the resources we use, the people we employ, and the communities we serve. This is our positive impact.

A Culture of Health & Well-being

A healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone but should incorporate a holistic approach to both physical and mental health…

Driving Sustainability, Together

We seek opportunities to collaborate with clients, and design sustainable solutions for the next generation…

Food with a

Food choices matter. Matter for our health, matter for the environment and matter for the women and men who work…

On the

We employ locally and we serve locally. From the desert in Australia to a school in your local suburbs…

Together We Can

Stop Hunger

It’s our belief all children deserve access to sufficient healthy food every day so they can learn, play and thrive.

Wherever we work

Our dedication to making every day a better day for people and organizations comes from one goal – to positively improve quality of life.

Creating the opportunity for people to thrive is central to the performance and growth of individuals and organizations. Working from this perspective, Sodexo has redefined how to best serve our clients’ complex needs across the industries we serve:

Business & Industry

Imagine a workplace that enhances employee quality of life and positively impacts organizational performance…


Readiness and resilience are the heartbeat of the U.S. military, and we measure our success based on…

Energy & Resources

People face significant challenges when working in isolated, extreme environments…


Whether it’s making sure planes are flying safely, drugs go to market safely, or that our country…


The world’s most noble work also receives the most critical eye. The work and unsung details in healthcare …


Many school districts find they can reach a level they didn’t know was possible, when they are freed…


To deliver on our promise of exceptional partnership, we enhance the dining and hospitality experience…

Sports & Leisure

The photo finish. The last minute buzzer beater. The concert where you fell in love. Sodexo’s Sports…


Academics play a big role in prospective students’ decision on which college or university to attend…

In North America alone, we serve 13,500 client sites

With over 100 different service offerings, from traditional cafeteria dining to clinical technology management, we develop, manage and deliver a unique array of…


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