Employee Food


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Improve Operational Efficiency to Save on Resources

Optimized spaces that fit today’s flexible working needs while reducing costs

Food That Connects

Superior Food Experiences For Every Taste & Style

A range of preferred food experiences and options for every occasion and taste that satisfy and delight employees

Food Made Productive

Meeting The Needs Of Employees Where & When They Work

Food and beverage services that meet the workstyle demands of the “work anywhere” workforce

Food Made Smarter

Digital Platform Of Insights & Machine Learning To Inform Operational Performance

Analytics and machine learning that drives adaptations to changing workforce needs and dynamics

Food Made Efficient

Integrated On-site and Off- site Operational Model For Efficiency & Service

Hybrid model that balances service experience, investment, efficiency and cost

Taking An Agile,
Progressive Approach

The Food Connection Ecosystem

With Food Connection, we’re creating new, interwoven connections that change the way your people experience food, for the better. Our services cover every touchpoint of your employees’ day while optimizing your existing processes and spaces, using best-in-class technology and flexible options to give employees access to excellent food faster.

Food-first approach that gives consumers just the food they want, when and where they want it
Employees working on-site, from home or a third place
Reimagining, reducing and reallocating space to where it can do the most good
Multiple formats – service wherever and whenever needed.
Technology, machine learning and analytics to optimize operations and experiences
Agile, hybrid approach that seamlessly integrates on-site, central kitchen and aggregation