Taste of USAA – Century Celebration

Donnie Hitt made a tremendous effort to make this event a success in his unit. His dedication to Sodexo and USAA was undeniable, going above and beyond. He is a key reason why our partnership with USAA is going strong, and we are in a great position during our contract negotiations. The relationships he has developed with his on-site client are amazing. When we had a challenge with a donut vendor at the last minute, they stepped in offering Donnie support without question and helping find a solution.

The Numbers

USAA Colorado Springs – over 700 employees served, and over 3,500 individual items served

USAA Phoenix – over 1,400 employees served, and over 7,000 items served

USAA Plano – over 900 employees served, and over 4,500 items served

USAA San Antonio –  over 8600 employees served, and over 43,000 individual items served

Enterprise-wide, the USAA Sodexo teams and supporting Sodexo units served more than 11,600 USAA employees, and served over 58,000 individual items served

SUPPORT TEAMS To the managers and support teams in Phoenix, Colorado, and Plano. Thank you so much for lending your support to our Regional Office teams. Knowing that we could execute the same high quality event in each city was an enormous help to us to be able to focus on the events in San Antonio. Your support showed USAA how Sodexo comes together to be the best for our clients. This is a critical time as we are working on a new contract with USAA, to show them the levels of support and talent that we have cannot be measured. Thank you so much.”

– Mark Spinelli, Sodexo Vice President

SODEXO TEAM Today was off to a great start as I was greeted with employees smiling and laughing as they recounted memories from yesterday.  The 100 Year Anniversary was an amazing opportunity, after a very challenging couple of years, to celebrate USAA, each other, and a return to normalcy.  While employees had opportunities to attend many events throughout the day, the one attended by all was the free food event.  In true Sodexo fashion, you rose to the challenge and knocked it out of the park!  As always, the presentation and quality of the food was excellent and enjoyed by all.  However, it was the energy and enthusiasm of the Sodexo employees in the cafes, pop-up locations and Company Store that made the event so special.  There was a palpable energy that could be felt in every venue I visited – in each location, there were Sodexo employees laughing and smiling with customers, ensuring each and every person had a great experience.   I had at least a dozen people go out of their way to let me know how good the food was and how much it was appreciated.  Please extend my thanks to the entire team and let them know they truly made a difference in the lives of thousands of USAA employees – their efforts to go above and beyond were noticed and appreciated!” 

– Mike Black, Executive Director of Workplace and Business Services for USAA